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Outback a’Horseback offers transformative trail rides in southern New Mexico’s

beautiful open spaces. Rides begin beyond our gate. Enjoy partial and full day trips. 


Our horses are safe, sensitive, and sturdy. Pat Buls, the Gentle Tamer, trained them, ensuring their desire to bond with humans and safe travel. Our horses help us see animals, encounter natural beauty, & connect with rich cultural heritage. 


Patricia "Pat" Buls owns the Shining Heart farm where our horses live. Pat

lives a colorful life that included stints in the Bolivian Cavalry (where her

father was based in the Air Force), riding from Las Cruces to Durango, CO

to train horses, and a compilation of songs titled "Courtin' a Cowboy". 



Nathan Small is a native New Mexican. After graduating from the College of Wooster, working on a commercial fishing vessel off Kodiak Island, and travelling he came home to the Land of Enchantment.  He is an avid horseman and outdoorsman and serves his community in many ways. 


Angel Peña is a southwest archaeologist with a strong passion and respect for southern New Mexico's wild and wide open spaces. Angel provides interpretation of the intimate connections past peoples shared with the cultural landscape of Doña Ana County.




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